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Flying Flucos Athletics

Fluvanna County High School


Flying Flucos Athletics

Fluvanna County High School

Flying Flucos Athletics

Fluvanna County High School

College Bound Athlete

NCAA Division 1 requires 16 courses as of August 1, 2008.  This rule applies to any student first entering any Division 1 college or university on or after August 1, 2008.

Please see handbook for break down.

NCAA Division II requires 14 core courses.  Note however, Division II will require 16 core courses beginning August 1, 2013.

Please see chart in handbook.

Test Scores

*  Division 1 has a sliding scale for test score and grade-point average.  The sliding scale for those requirements is shown on page two of the College Bound worksheet in the handbook.

*  Division II has a minimum SAT score requirement of 820 or an ACT sum score of 68.

*  The SAT score used for NCAA purposes includes only the critical reading and math sections.  The writing section of SAT is not used.

*  The ACT score used for NCAA purposes is a sum of the four sections on the ACT, English, Math, Reading and Science.

*  All SAT and ACT scores must be reported directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center by the testing agency.  Test Scores that appear on transcripts will not be used.  When registering for the SAT or ACT, use Eligibility Center Code of 9999 to make sure the score is reported to the Eligibility Center.

Grade-Point Average

*  Only core courses are used in the calculation of the grade-point average.

*  Be sure to look at your high schools list of NCAA approved core courses on the Eligibility Center's Web Site to make certain that courses being taken have been approved as core courses.  The Web site is

*  Division I grade point average requirement is a minimum of 2.000.

Weighted Grades

The NCAA rules state that weighted grades may be used by the Eligibility Center under the following conditions:

*  Weighting may be applied to courses whose titles indicate they are honors, AP/IB or advanced.

*  A maximum of 1.00 quality point may be assigned.

*  The weighted grades are calculated as part of the student's overall grade point average.  NOTE:  Weighted grades that are used only for class rank and do not factor into a student's overall grade-point average and cannot be used by the eligibility center.

(Right now FCHS' PVCC classes are not weighted.  You should request to see what needs to be done to get them weighted.)

Other Important Information

*  Division II has no sliding scale.  The minimum core grade-point average is 2.000.  The minimum SAT score is 820 (Verbal and math sections only) and the minimum ACT sum score is 68.

*  The SAT combined score is based on the verbal and math sections only.  The writing section will not be used.

*  Students enrolling at an NCAA Division I or Division II institution for the first time also need to complete the amateurism questionnaire through the eligibility Center Web Site.  Students need to request final amateurism certification prior to the enrollment.

For more information regarding the rules please go to Click on Academics and Athletics then Eligibility and Recruiting.

Please call the NCAA eligibility center if you have questions.  Toll-free number 877-262-1492
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