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Flying Flucos Athletics

Fluvanna County High School


Flying Flucos Athletics

Fluvanna County High School

Flying Flucos Athletics

Fluvanna County High School

Student/Athlete Information

Participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT, earned by the student who meets eligibility requirements set by the VHSL, The District, and the School Board.  Questions pertaining to the following additional requirements should be directed to the Athletic Director.

1.  Academics:  All participants shall exhibit good citizenship as well as maintain the VHSL scholastic requirements of "take 3-pass 3", in addition to any further standards prescribed by the Athletic Director.

2.  Physicals and Medical Examination:  All athletes shall have on file in the athletic office a completed VHSL Athletic Participation/Parental Consent/Physician's Certificate Form.  No student may participate in the practices or games unless he/she has a physical on file, which is dated after May 1st of the current year.

3.  Insurance:  All participants, including managers and student trainers, must be protected by school insurance or have personal insurance that will cover any athletic injury.  The participant's parent(s) must sign the last page of the VHSL form stating that they have primary insurance coverage and that Fluvanna County is not responsible for any x-rays, doctor, or hospital bills due to an injury to the participant while he/she participates with a team involving Fluvanna County High School.

4.  Attendance Requirements:  All participants must be in school for a least three full blocks before being permitted to participate in an interscholastic contest, practice, or conditioning program that day or evening.  Exceptions are few but will be considered by the Athletic Director and must be approved by the Principal.

5.  Out of School Suspension:  Any participant given out-of-school suspension will be ineligible during the suspension.  In addition, the Principal, Athletic Director, or the Coach may discipline them further by temporary or permanent suspension from the team.  Five or more consecutive days of Out-of-School Suspension results in automatic removal from the team or squad.

6.  In-School Suspension:  Any student-athlete assigned in-school suspension will be ineligible for participation in practice sessions and athletic contests during the assigned period.  A student who receives ISS for less than 1 full day (e.g. 1, 2, 3 periods) will not be penalized.  An individual may be penalized by his/her coach for any amount of in-school suspension.  Participation may resume on the last day of the suspension (e.g. student assigned a one day in-school suspension will be eligible for participation at 3:25 pm on that day of the assignment).

7.  After-School Detention: Any participant assigned after-school detention will be required to attend detention.  If a detention conflicts with a practice or a game, the student may not participate for that day, unless approved by the assigning Principal or teacher.

8.  Eighth-Grade Participation:  Eighth graders may participate in athletics on the junior varsity level if:

*  He/she has completed VHSL Physical Form and the acknowledgement form on file.

*  He/she meets all school, Jefferson District and VHSL requirements.

9.  School Debts:  Students owing any athletic equipment will be ineligible to participate in athletics until debt is paid.  A student athlete will not be allowed to participate in another sport until his/her uniform is returned or paid for to the appropriate season coach.  Any student owing debt to FCHS will also be ineligible to participate in school activities such as athletic events.

10.  Equipment Distribution and Return:  Once equipment and uniforms are issued these items become the total responsibility of the student.  If any of these items are lost, stolen or damaged, the athlete is held financially responsible for replacing these items.  All payments for lost equipment must be made at the end of the season to the coach or Athletic Director.  Students will not be allowed to participate in the next season until all uniforms are turned in or replacement fees are paid.  All school fees must be paid as well before participation will be allowed on any extra-curricular activity team.  These fee's are collected in the guidance department.

11.  Dismissal/Quitting Policy:  If a student is removed from, or quits a team without mutual release by the coach, he/she is ineligible to try out for a team for the next season.  For spring sports this penalty will carry over into the next season (school year).  In the event that the student is not mutually released, the coach must report within 48 hours to the Athletic Director that the student has quit or been removed from the team.  Should the student wish to appeal, they must notify the Athletic Director in writing within ten days.  The first appeal shall be made to the Athletic Director. If the coach is the Athletic Director, then the first appeal will be to the Assistant Principal. If a second appeal is desired then it should be made to the Principal, with the Principal's decision being final.

12.  Participation on the Varsity/JV or 8th Grade level:  Please be aware that the assigning of student athletes to the various levels of competition will be determined by the Head Coach and his or her assistants.  The goal of all programs is to place each student/athlete on the level in which they can compete at a high level while also allowing them to contribute to the success of the team and the program in which they are playing.  All Head Coaches do have the right without objection to re-assign any student athlete to a different level of competition at any time they deem necessary.  All tenth graders will first be looked upon as varsity athletes until a determination has been made.
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